Australia vs. England: England ends 27-year wait to reach World Cup final

(CNN)In the end, it was worth the wait.

Some 9,989 days had passed since England’s men last won a game at the Cricket World Cup against Australia. Not that anyone had been counting of course.
On that occasion, in 1992, England reached the final, though English fans will hope the final chapter has a far happier ending on this occasion.
This eight-wicket victory, which secured England’s place in Sunday’s final against New Zealand at Lord’s, will long be remembered for the way that the host nation dismantled its greatest rival in its customary swashbuckling style.

Jason Roy hits a six off the bowling of Steve Smith during England's reply.

Chasing 224 to win, England eased home courtesy of Jason Roy’s electric innings of 85 from 65 deliveries as he and fellow opener Jonny Bairstow put on 124 for the first wicket.
From there, not even England, at least not this England, could fluff its lines.
It was not just the victory itself that will have thrilled England’s long-suffering cricket fans, but the way it was achieved. It was, to all intents and purposes, beautifully constructed.
The sight of Roy launching three consecutive sixes off the bowling of Australian pantomime villain Steve Smith will be played over and over again on television and on social media for years to come.
For so long, England’s one day team was an analogue player in a digital world — a world where England had seemingly been left behind having failed to reach a World Cup final since 1992.
England's Jofra Archer claimed two wickets in another impressive display.

The intervening 27 years have brought embarrassments, humiliations, root and branch reviews, and more abject failure. In the same period, Australia has won four of the six World Cups.
But this England team looks different. Cast your mind back four years to the 2015 World Cup, a tournament in which England crashed out at the group stage.
It was thrashed by both eventual winner Australia and runner-up New Zealand in merciless fashion, two defeats that left English one day cricket in crisis.
Four years later, England’s fortunes have been transformed.

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England arrived at this tournament as the No.1 ranked team, as favorite to win its first ever World Cup, and with a team full of world class talent.
England fans 'The Barmy Army' show their support during the semifinal clash.

True the team’s passage to the last four was not without discomfort. Three defeats in the group stage, including one by Australia at Lord’s, placed England under far more pressure than it should have ever had to negotiate.
That it handled the pressure so impressively with victories over India and finalist New Zealand, underlined the character and resilience of this England team.
Still, this was Australia. Australia the five-time world champion. Australia the seven-time World Cup semifinalist that had never lost a last four clash. The Australia that had each of its past four World Cup games against England.
But this felt different. England expected. England was ready. That Australia stood in the way of a place in the final only heightened the anticipation.
Joe Root  celebrates as Eoin Morgan of England scores the winning runs to secure victory.

Earlier in the tournament, Eoin Morgan, the England captain, opined that the rivalry between the two sides had perhaps lost its edge given the frequency with which they face one another.
Such a view is not unreasonable, given the two teams played a one-day series in England last summer and will face each other in an Ashes series next month.
The contest at Lord’s last month, which Australia won by 63 runs, was a largely uneventful affair. The crowd appeared subdued, the normal edge to an England vs. Australia clash was missing.
But this was completely different. This felt raw, almost visceral.
Edgbaston helps. One of the more boisterous and riotous cricket arenas on these shores has proved a happy home for England in recent times.
No doubt it played some part in rattling the Australians as Jofra Archer and Chris Woakes left the Australians bloodied and bruised when the team batted.
Alex Carey was left with a bleeding gash on his chin after being struck by a ferocious delivery by Archer as Australia recovered from a disastrous start to finish 223 all out after winning the toss and electing to bat.
Australia's Alex Carey reacts after being hit by a bouncer from England's Jofra Archer.

Wicketkeeper Carey entered the action with Australia having lost its first three wickets for just 14 runs as the defending champion’s top order was blown away by the England pace duo of Archer and Chris Woakes.
It was Archer’s delivery that drew gasps from the crowd, as the ball rose up to knock off Carey’s helmet before hitting the chin and drawing blood.
As the blood started to trickle down Carey’s chin, the team doctors raced onto the field to apply dressing to the wound and wrapped the player’s chin with a bandage which was woven around his head.
There was no malice in Archer’s delivery, which knocked against the grille of Carey’s helmet, sending it hurtling into the air before the batsman caught it and ensured his stumps remained intact.

Collateral, Damaged: ‘Stuber’ Is A Tired Retread

In Michael Mann’s surprisingly funny 2004 thriller Collateral, assassin Tom Cruise takes meek taxi driver Jamie Foxx hostage, forcing him to spend a terrifying night ferrying the hitman around Los Angeles as they’re pursued by lawmen who think the cabbie is the killer.

In Michael Dowse’s surprisingly bloody new comedy Stuber, burned-out narc Dave Bautista takes meek Uber driver Kumail Nanjiani hostage, forcing him to spend a terrifying night ferrying the cop around Los Angeles as they’re pursued by drug dealers who think the driver is the detective.

In both films, the self-effacing Mr. Nice Guy behind the wheel learns, through exposure to his ass-kicking passenger, to be more confident and assertive —more specifically, to tell the women in their lives for whom they harbor suppressed feelings of attraction exactly how they feel.

Oh, well. If mimicry were a hanging offense, you’d be able to find street parking in Hollywood. But the customary practice is to distribute your larceny among at least a few targets. Stuber’s more-than-casual resemblance to one specific earlier film just makes its inspiration-deficit more apparent: Collateral had two big stars both playing against type, in the hands of a first-rate visual stylist. Stuber has two likeable comic talents both reprising what they’ve done in better movies, in the hands of a director whose most notable prior credit is the Canadian hockey comedy Goon.

If Stuber cribs from Collateral in plot and character, it at least changes up the tone, mostly by never bothering to sustain a consistent one from one scene to the next. Scatological humor here, gunshot wounds there, a few minutes of earnest emotional maturation, played utterly straight, waaaaay over here.

This is the latest in a line of R-rated summer comedies (like last August’s The Spy Who Dumped Me, and last month’s Shaft) that

aim to satirize trigger-happy action film tropes, but merely end up iterating them with less skill and imagination — and worse, a more wanton attitude towards violence — than the movies they’re supposedly sending up. Though it runs just 93 minutes, Stuber is padded by gunfights that are neither thrilling nor funny, though their mix of selective slo-mo and irreverent soundtrack cuts tells us Dowse wants them to be both. Or at least one of the two. He hasn’t decided.

The movie’s comic centerpiece is a mano-a-mountain-o fight scene between the hulking Bautista and more common-sized Nanjiani, set in the sporting goods store where Nanjiani’s character — that would be Stu, the Uber driver, get it? —works by day. It’s an amusing bit of slapstick for a minute a so, and then it continues for approximately a day-and-a-half. And it just doesn’t have the buoyant musical escalation that makes the expertly staged m

elees in the John Wick movies so … well, funny.

The comparison is a fair one, because Dowse has cast a legit martial arts star —Iko Uwais, who came to worldwide attention in 2011’s Indonesian breakout hit The Raid: Redemption — as his villain. With the exception of an utterly extraneous prologue wherein Uwais eludes capture by Bautista and his partner (and Guardians of the Galaxy co-star) Karen Gillan, climaxing with him shooting Gillan dead in the middle of the street — ha ha ha, heartwarming summer comedy, everybody! — Dowse doesn’t even really exploit Uwais’s wild acrobatic talents. Uwais is a god-level performer, but not because his English line readings are so expressive.

The movie’s other criminally squandered resource is Betty Gilpin, who plays Becca, the platonic housemate/business partner for whom Stu harbors a crush that is slowly killing him. Her entire role consists of her breaking up with her unseen cretin boyfriend, getting drunk, and then calling up Stu and summoning him home to have sex with her. Given that Gilpin’s character on the marvelous Netflix series G.L.O.W. is an actor who is frustrated by the fact that she only ever got cast for her looks, for Stuber to reduce her to a helpless hot chick with the emotional intelligence of a stationary bike (the dream business she has talked Stu into investing in is a women-only spin-class gym) is just adding insult to insult.

The movie does a little better with what it gives Natalie Morales to play as Bautista’s daughter — a sculptor who is trying to get her checked-out father to show up for her first gallery show — and a lot worse with what it gives Mira Sorvino as Bautista’s boss.

In fact, the only scenes that don’t feel too long are the ones where Bautista and Nanjiani are cramped into Stu’s electric car together bickering like the buddy cops they might’ve been. They’re both strong and charismatic actors, capable of nailing a joke while also playing the current of sadness beneath it. Their rapport feels genuine. It deserves a better movie than Stuber.

Wimbledon: Roger Federer Vs. Rafael Nadal By The Numbers

Switzerland's Roger Federer, right, and Spain's Rafael Nadal, left, will face off for the 40th time in their careers in the Wimbledon semifinals on Friday. The two men have combined to win 38 Grand Slam singles titles, with Federer leading Nadal 20-18. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)

For the second time in two months, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will face off in a Grand Slam semifinal.

Federer and Nadal will meet for a 40th time in the Wimbledon semifinals on Friday after both men won their quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Federer, the No. 2 seed, downed No. 8 Kei Nishikori 4-6, 6-1, 6-4, 6-4, while No. 3 Nadal handled American Sam Querrey, 7-5, 6-2, 6-2.

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic will meet No. 23 Roberto Bautista Agut in the undercard on Friday. Djokovic leads 7-3 all-time, but Bautista Agut has beaten Djokovic twice this season on hardcourts.

In gusty conditions that were very tough for Federer’s game, Nadal routed Federer en route to his 12th French Open title last month in the French Open semifinals.

This time the match is in Roger’s house.

“It’s grasscourt tennis and I’m going to come out there and play attacking tennis and if he can defend that, that’s good,” Federer told the BBC. “And if he can’t, well then that’s good for me.

“Obviously, I know people always hype it up in a big way. They did that in Paris again this year, we had some brutal conditions to play there, but it was a joy to play against Rafa there again on his court and of course I’d love to play against him here at Wimbledon.”

New Orleans, already grappling with extreme weather, may face hurricane by week’s end

Thunderstorms in New Orleans cause major flash flooding

A hurricane may come to Louisiana by week’s end, something that could raise the Mississippi River to the brim of the protective levees of New Orleans.

A major storm has currently swamped the city’s streets, and it paralyzed traffic Wednesday.

The storm was associated with an atmospheric disturbance in the Gulf that forecasters said was on track to strengthen into a hurricane by the weekend. The National Hurricane Center expected the system to become a tropical depression by Thursday morning, a tropical storm by Thursday night and a hurricane on Friday.

Lines of thunderstorms ranged far out into the Gulf and battered New Orleans, where as much as 8 inches of rain fell over a three-hour period Wednesday morning, officials said.


Plaquemines Parish issued a state of emergency out of precaution.

“Plaquemines Parish Government has taken all precautions in preparing for Tropical Storm Barry,” said the parish’s presidentKirk Lepine. “Additional rainfall, high winds and storm surge are expected.”

Wednesday’s flooding was reminiscent of floodwaters that surprised the city during an August 2017 rain. That flood exposed major problems at the agency overseeing street drainage. It led to personnel shakeups at the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board and required major repair efforts.

On Wednesday, the board said 118 of 120 drainage pumps were operational and the agency was fully staffed. But the agency’s director says that much rain in such a short time would have overwhelmed any drainage system.

Mississippi and Texas were also at risk of torrential rains.

In New Orleans, streets turned into small, swift rivers that overturned garbage cans and picked up pieces of floating wood. Water was up to the doors of many cars. Other vehicles were abandoned. Kayakers paddled their way down some streets.

Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency and said National Guard troops and high-water vehicles would be positioned all over the state in advance of more heavy rain.

“The entire coast of Louisiana is at play in this storm,” Edwards said.

Forecasters said Louisiana could see up to 12 inches of rain by Monday, with isolated areas receiving as much as 18 inches.

The additional rain could push the already swollen Mississippi River precariously close to the tops of levees that protect New Orleans, officials said.

“We’re confident the levees themselves are in good shape. The big focus is height,” spokesman Ricky Boyett said.


A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans said the agency was not expecting widespread overtopping of the levees, but there are concerns for areas south of the city. The river was expected to rise to 20 feet by late Friday at a key gauge in New Orleans. The area is protected by levees 20 to 25 feet high, he said.

The corps was working with local officials to identify any low-lying areas and reinforce them, he said.

Detik-detik Gabriel Jesus Pukul VAR Hingga Rusak di Laga Brazil vs Peru Final Copa America 2019

Detik-detik Gabriel Jesus Pukul VAR Hingga Rusak di Laga Brazil vs Peru Final Copa America 2019 – Ungkapan penyesalan dilontarkan striker timnas Brasil, Gabriel Jesus, setelah bertindak di luar batas dalam final Copa America 2019.

Gabriel Jesus mengukir masing-masing satu gol dan assist untuk membantu Brasil menumbangan Peru 3-1 dalam duel final di Stadion Maracana, Minggu (7/7/2019).

Namun, performa impresif pemuda berusia 22 tahun itu ternoda oleh kartu merah.

Kesal diusir wasit, ia lantas mengamuk.

Jesus memukul pembatas di bangku cadangan dan mendorong monitor Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

Monitor VAR tersebut bakal terjatuh dan mungkin saja rusak andai tak ditahan oleh seseorang.

Sadar tindakannya keterlaluan, Jesus pun meminta maaf.

Saya tak akan pernah bosan untuk meminta maaf kepada orang-orang terdakat saya dan juuga anak-anak yang datang ke stadion,” kata pilar Manchester City itu seperti dikutip dari Globo Esporte.


Ratna Galih Merasa Terima Banyak Doa di Kehamilan Anak Kembarnya

Ratna Galih Merasa Terima Banyak Doa di Kehamilan Anak Kembarnya

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA — Ratna Galih baru saja kehadiran dua anggota baru di keluarganya dengan lahirnya si kembar Shaldy Ararya Sawkani dan Shelma Aisyah Sawkani.

Di kehamilan keempatnya, Ratna Galih lebih terbuka membagikan perkembangan kehamilannya di sosial media dibandingkan tiga anak sebelumya.

Namun dengan lebih terbuka, wanita 31 tahun ini merasa lebih banyak dukungan dari orang banyak sehingga proses kehamilan hingga kelahirannya berjalan lancar.

“Karena mau gimanapun aku butuh doa dari orang-orang sebenarnya dengan aku publish ngebantu anak-anak aku banyak dapat doa mdari teman-teman,” kata Ratna Galih saat ditemui di konferensi kehamilan anak kembarnya di Jakarta Pusat, Senin (8/7/2019).

Ratna pun menceritakan pada tiga kehamilan sebelumnya kurang berbagi mengenai kehamilan karena mengikuti Sawkani suaminya yang lebih ingin tertutup karena suaminya masih malu tampil di depan media.

Kemudian saat hamil anak kembar, Ratna langsung meminta izin kepada suaminya untuk membagikan proses kehamilanya di berbagai media yang kehamilannya ini menggunaka program bayi tabung.

“Anak-anak aku sebelumya gak ada yang dipublish, karena suami aku pemalu dan agak tertutup tapi dan yang ini dari sebelum mulai program aku bilang ke suami ‘yang, anak yang sekrang kayaknya gak papa deh agak dipublish,” ucap Ratna Galih.

Sebagai ibu, Ratna Galih pun berharap anak-anaknya tumbuh sehat, berbakti kepada orangtua dan menjadi penenang hati bagi orangtuanya.

Profil Ismail Fajrie Alatas, Tunangan Tsamara Amany Seorang Dosen di New York yang Selisih 13 Tahun

Profil Ismail Fajrie Alatas, Tunangan Tsamara Amany Seorang Dosen di New York yang Selisih 13 Tahun

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Simak profil singkat Ismail Fajri Alatas yang baru saja melamar Tsamara Amany, seorang profesor dengan selisih usia 13 tahun.

Kabar bahagia datang dari politikus muda dari Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI)Tsamara Amany Alatas.

Tsamara Amany resmi bertunangan pada Minggu (7/7/2019).

Seorang pria asal semarang, Ismail Fajrie Alatas yang berhasil memikat hati Tsamara ternyata bukan orang sembarangan.

Tsamara Amany bertunangan dengan Ismail Fajrie Alatas
Tsamara Amany bertunangan dengan Ismail Fajrie Alatas (Twitter PSI)

Semakin jadi sorotan lantaran jarak usia Tsamara dan Ismail Fajrie terpantang jauh, yakni 13 tahun.

Lalu siapakah Ismail Fajrie Alatas?

Dikutip dari laman Panrita, nama Ismail Fajri Alatas termasuk seorang asisten profesor Kajian Islam dan Timur Tengah di New York University.

Ismail Fajrie lahir pada 18 September 1983 (36 tahun) di Semarang.

Disney Pamer Aksi Laga ‘Mulan’ di Teaser Trailer Perdana

Disney Pamer Aksi Laga 'Mulan' di Teaser Trailer PerdanaJakarta, CNN Indonesia — Disney akhirnya menunjukkan gambaran film live-action Mulan dalam teaser trailer perdana yang mereka rilis pada Minggu (7/7) malam waktu Indonesia.

Dalam teaser berdurasi satu setengah menit itu, Mulan yang diperankan oleh Yifei Liu harus menghadapi perjuangan untuk membuktikan kapastitasnya setara dengan prajurit laki-laki.

Teaser dibuka dengan adegan Mulan mengendarai kuda pulang ke rumah. Sesampai di sana, Mulan justru mendapatkan berita yang tak mengenakkan dirinya. Ia dijodohkan dengan seorang pria.

Padahal, di kala itu, Kaisar yang diperankan oleh Jet Li memerintahkan setiap keluarga untuk memberikan anak laki-laki mereka untuk menjadi prajurit kerajaan. Mulan yang bersemangat untuk ikut menjadi prajurit justru kecewa karena ia malah dipaksa untuk jadi istri.

Mulan dipaksa menjadi seorang istri ketika ia menginginkan jadi prajurit.Mulan dipaksa menjadi seorang istri ketika ia menginginkan jadi prajurit. (dok. Walt Disney Pictures)

Terpaksa’ menerima keputusan sang ayah, Mulan pun mendapatkan ‘pelatihan’ menjadi seorang istri.

Namun bersamaan dengan itu pula, trailer menunjukkan ‘pemberontakan’ Mulan dengan tetap berlatih mempertajam kemampuannya bertarung.

Hingga kemudian adegan berganti menggambarkan serangkaian pelatihan prajurit hingga laga di peperangan. Mulan pun tampil mengesankan di laga peperangan, mulai dari memanah, mengacungkan pedang, hingga salto menghindari musuh.

“Ini tugas saya untuk bertarung,” suara Mulan melatari trailer tersebut.

Teaser trailer ini menjadi pengumuman pertama dari Disney terkait film Mulan setelah sebelumnya hanya memamerkan foto Liu menjadi karakter dongeng China itu pada Agustus 2018.

Cuplikan perdana Mulan ini secara konsep tak jauh berbeda dengan trailer versi animasi pada 1998 silam. Kala itu, trailer menggambarkan pergolakan batin Mulan dan pemberontakannya untuk tetap memilih kata hati menjadi seorang prajurit.

Namun yang berbeda, pada teaser versi live action tidak menunjukkan aksi Liu menjadi Mulan berambut pendek. Sedangkan pada versi animasi, dikisahkan Mulan berjuang sebagai prajurit dengan menyamar sebagai laki-laki.

Pada teaser trailer ini pula tak ditunjukkan karakter naga Mushu yang dulu diisi suaranya oleh Eddie Murphy. Bahkan, sejumlah rumor mengatakan bahwa karakter naga itu akan digantikan oleh burung Phoenix. Tetapi, pada trailer versi animasi, karakter Mushu pun tak nampak.

Trailer perdana Mulan ini juga tak berisi nyanyian lagu ‘Reflection’ yang dulu terkenal dibawakan oleh Christina Aguilera.

Meski begitu, trailer ini masih tergolong amat dini untuk menilai film live action Mulan yang baru akan rilis di bioskop pada Maret 2020. Disney masih memiliki tujuh bulan ke depan untuk memberikan kejutan terkait film ini.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Ujung Tombak Pengabar Bencana Indonesia

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Ujung Tombak Pengabar Bencana IndonesiaJakarta, CNN Indonesia — Meski terkejut, Sutopo berusaha tegar menerima kabar vonis kanker paru-paru stadium IV B dari dokter, Desember 2017 lalu. Pria bernama lengkap Sutopo Purwo Nugroho itu kemudian menceritakan perihal penyakit yang diidapnya itu pada keluarga dan meminta mereka tegar.

Dokter kemudian menyarankan Kepala Pusat Data Informasi dan Humas Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) menjaga pola makan, rutin minum obat, serta menjalani rangkai kemoterapi.

Di sela-sela menjalani pengobatan yang menurutnya tak nyaman itu, Sutopo tetap menjalankan tugas: menginfokan bencana, baik melalui akun media sosial, grup percakapan dengan jurnalis, mengirim siaran pers, maupun menggelar keterangan pers.

Sutopo memang ujung tombak BNPB dalam mengabarkan dan mengklarifikasi bencana. Dalam kondisi apapun, pria asal Boyolali ini teguh menjalankan amanah.

Oktober 2018 lalu, Sutopo bahkan langsung memberikan keterangan pers di depan 135 wartawan nasional dan luar negeri, meski dia baru saja keluar dari rumah sakit.

Sutopo juga menegaskan bahwa kanker paru-paru yang diderita tak akan menghalangi tugasnya sebagai penyampai kabar bencana.

Menjalani kemoterapi, Sutopo masih bisa berkelakar bahwa terapi untuk menjinakkan sel kanker itu telah melunturkan kegantengannya.

Keaktifan Sutopo sebagai pengabar bencana membuat media asing The Straits Times Asian memberikan anugerah “The First Responders” kepadanya.

Penghargaan yang diumumkan dalam The Straits Times Global Outlook Forum 2019 ini bertujuan untuk mengapresiasi pada relawan atau petugas kebencanaan yang tanpa pamrih membantu penanganan bencana alam.

Sutopo, Lelaki Pengabar BencanaSutopo Purwo Nugroho semasa hidupnya. (CNN Indonesia/Harvey Darian)

Sutopo juga mendapat penghargaan The Most Inspirational ASN 2018 setelah melewati seleksi ketat Dewan Juri Anugerah ASN, ajang untuk mencari ASN panutan yang punya kinerja baik.

Bagi wartawan, Sutopo adalah “tempat bergantung” untuk mencari info saat bencana terjadi. Dengan berbagai keterbatasan komunikasi dan sumber daya manusia di wilayah bencana, media hampir selalu menjadikan Sutopo rujukan utama info bencana.

Kegigihannya memberikan dan mengklarifikasi kabar bencana di media sosial juga membuatnya menjadi salah satu tokoh favorit di dunia maya Indonesia. Apalagi ia tergolong senang berinteraksi lewat Twitter.

Sutopo mengaku mulanya enggan diberi jabatan “pengabar bencana” tersebut, mengingat latar belakang keilmuannya jauh berbeda.

“Waktu itu saya dipaksa dilantik. Saya enggak punya background komunikasi, tapi bisa menjelaskan itu (bencana),” katanya.

Latar belakang sebagai peneliti di Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) dulu membuatnya dekat dengan media. Dia pernah menjadi narasumber karena salah satu penelitiannya di Situ Gintung menjadi rujukan saat tanggul itu jebol, dan menewaskan sekitar 100 orang pada 2009.

Lelaki kelahiran Boyolali, Jawa Tengah 7 Oktober 1969 itu meraih gelar sarjana pertamanya dari jurusan geografi, Universitas Gadjah Mada pada 1993. Dia lantas melanjutkan studi di bidang Hidrologi di Institut Pertanian Bogor dan meraih gelar Doktor. Dia mengaku nyaris menjadi profesor jika tidak keburu kerja di BPPT dan BNPB.

Messi Kartu Merah, Argentina Ungguli Chile di Babak Pertama

Lionel Messi dan Gary Medel diganjar kartu merah. (Foto: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)Sao Paulo – Argentina berhasil unggul 2-0 atas Chile di perebutan tempat ketiga Copa America 2019. Lionel Messi diganjar kartu merah dalam laga ini. Bertanding di Arena Corinthians, Minggu (7/7/2019) dinihari WIB, Argentina mampu mengungguli Chile saat laga baru berjalan 12 menit. Sergio Aguero melesakkan gol usai memanfaatkan umpan Messi.

Albiceleste memperbesar keunggulan 10 menit berselang. Paulo Dybala sukses merobek gawang Gabriel Arias setelah menuntaskan umpan Giovani Lo Celso.

Tensi permainan meninggi di menit ke-26. Gary Medel melakukan tekel kepada Messi di tengah lapangan, yang mengundang amarah para pemain Argentina.

Saling dorong antara kedua kubu pun tak bisa dihindari. Pada akhirnya Arturo Vidal mendapat kartu kuning karena sebuah ucapan yang dia lontarkan, sementara Medel lolos dari hukuman.

Ketegangan terjadi lagi di menit ke-37. Messi dan Medel cekcok di kotak penalti Chile. Keduanya saling dorong-dorongan setelah bola keluar lapangan dan tampak ada perang kata-kata.

Wasit Mario Diaz de Vivar langsung melayangkan kartu merah langsung untuk kedua pemain itu. Protes pun sempat terjadi dan wasit mencoba meninjaunya lagi lewat VAR, tetapi keputusan tersebut bulat ditetapkan.

Tak ada gol tambahan hingga turun minum. Argentina memimpin 2-0 atas Chile di babak pertama.
Susunan Pemain:
Argentina: Franco Armani; Juan Foyth, German Pezzella, Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico; Rodrigo de Paul, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Sergio Aguero.

Chile: Gabriel Arias; Paulo Diaz, Gary Medel, Gonzalo Jara; Mauricio Isla, Charles Aranguiz, Erick Pulgar, Arturo Vidal, Jean Beausejour; Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas.